Bodywork for Healing
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Reiki Classes

Reiki Level 1 Classes in the Jin Kei Do tradition will be offered on the following dates:

     24-25 June 2017

     19-20 Aug 2017

     14-15 Oct 2017 - this class has been rescheduled to 4-5 Nov

Class length is two days and limited to 6 people. Additional classes may be scheduled based on student demand. 

Each class has been approved for 12 CEUs from the NCBTMB 

About the Class

Interested in exploring a healing lifestyle and discovering inner resources that help you manage stress? Reiki is well known for helping to reduce pain and promote recovery from injuries, illness, disease, and depression.  Reiki can also help to maintain a state of inner balance and wellness on all levels of the mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  It complements all traditional and complementary healing methods. This course is designed for students who wish to learn simple Reiki techniques that can be used for self healing or helping others.

The gentle healing system of Reiki was rediscovered and further developed in the early 1900s by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui.  Doctor Usui was a well- known and respected healer in Kyoto and Tokyo.  He was well versed in Japanese and Chinese healing methods and also trained in medicine by western physicians-missionaries.  A Japanese Zen monk Seiji Takamori further developed the concept of Reiki Jin Kei Do™.  Although the healing art of Reiki originated from Dr. Usui, the philosophy and training methods as practiced in the lineage of Seiji Takamori is different than that of Hawayo Takata who initially introduced Reiki to the United States. Students who complete Reiki Level I will have sufficient information to work on their own healing journey and to help others.  

The First Degree training will consist of:

  1. What is Reiki/How it works
  2. History of Reiki / Reiki Jin Kei Do/the lineage
  3. Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation and basic meditation techniques
    1. 6 points of light meditation
  4. Introduction to internal movement of energy, i.e., Qigong / Tai Chi
    1. The human energy system including the chakras & meridians
    2. Increasing the flow of energy with Qigong exercises and Reiki breathing exercises
  5. The Attunement process and receiving the Reiki Level I attunement
  6. The Reiki principles
  7. Learning how to conduct a self-treatment
  8. Learning how to conduct a seated treatment on others

Class tuition is $250 with pre-registration required.  Class is restricted to 6 students. Note: Students must receive a Reiki treatment 1-2 weeks prior to the class. All students MUST register.

Please contact me for more information.