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Encouraging Words

Encouraging Words

I find that the majority of people who come into my office suffer from some kind of stress. For some people, the fast paced, high demand world often leaves them feeling frustrated and out of control, unable to slow down and catch a breath. For others, a series of life events happened at just the wrong time, and now things have suddenly gone bad, with no sign of recovery in sight.

Why is life like this, and why do we feel this way? I wish I had the definitive answer that would make everything work out for everyone, and would relieve everyone’s stress.  All I can offer is my perspective.

You may wonder why I am including this on my massage therapy site.   As a client once said to me:  “I’m sorry to keep talking about my problems and my stress, but this is the ‘therapy’ part of massage therapy, right?”  She is correct.  People hold their stress and emotions in their body, so massage helps them to process and relieve those feelings.

I have some words of wisdom that I share with people on my massage table.  Some of these words get shared more often than others.  People seem to response positively to the ideas (or they are making that noise because I hit a good spot). Since not everyone gets the benefit of being on my table, I thought I’d share some of the ideas here.  I did not think these up myself – they are summaries of others’ speeches.

  1. You need to make time for yourself

Women have great difficulty with this. They are running businesses or households and sometimes both. They don’t have time for a massage (or any other relaxation) because they have to do something for someone else.  Newsflash:  if you don’t keep yourself healthy, you will not be able to keep taking care of all those people/things you worry about.  God created the world in 6 days and rested on the 7th. Did he really need a rest? Do you think God was tired, or was he setting an example for us? Are you trying to outwork God? One of the longest commandments is: Remember the Sabbath Day to keep it holy.  That means we need to pick a day, and REST. There is a great sermon series on this about the Rhythms of Life. You can download podcasts and listen in your car while you are running around doing things for everyone else. I would post the actual podcast here, but I don’t know how.  

Here is the link where you can down load them: 


Click on “Launch Media Player”, scroll down to 2/22/15 where Rhythms of Grace starts


 More to come