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Why TetraMap?

Have you ever been called blunt, bossy, or too critical of someone’s work? Have others accused you of being hesitant, indecisive, or not able to pay attention? Do people sometimes misread your intentions or not appreciate what you are trying to accomplish? Would you like to manage others better (including your boss)? Would you like to learn how to change their perceptions and create a powerful, effective working relationship? Are you looking for an easy way to understand and influence others?

Come experience the nature of behavior at the TetraMap Course and learn why you and others are like THAT!

Be it your boss, coworker, or subordinate, or client, the people you are trying to communicate with may not react the way you expect or take the actions you want them to. What if you could determine what they needed to take action or give approval? They might want more facts. They might want more background. They might want to hear more about the impact on people. Or they might want more bright colors and new ideas than you would. This applies if you’re pitching a sales proposal for your tech venture, writing a customer email or talking with your team in the office.


The Basic TetraMap course is a two hour fun, experiential (no "death by PowerPoint") workshop that will give you a lifelong learning tool that will improve personal and professional relationships. After attending this workshop you will:

  • Have the knowledge and power to transform your own performance and shift the performance of others, at an accelerated pace  
  • Learn to see yourself through other’s eyes
  • Learn what motivates others
  • Be able to balance your personality type with the needs of your audience
  • Learn to zero in on the parts of your communication that may be holding you back
  • Motivate others to contribute their suggestions to produce collaborative results
  • Appreciate other’s differences and understand how to use them as a strength

TetraMap for Teams is specially designed course around the needs of your team to transform team performance. The recommended length for this course is a full day.

  • Changes behavior of team members to improve personal interaction
  • Triggers the combined power of different personal styles to make a high performing team
  • Improves team productivity and moral

TetraMap for Organizational Design is specially designed for your organization to create an effective organization that is in line with the corporate vision, and based on a corporate culture that all members buy into and support. This workshop includes designing the systems, processes, timeframes and steps needed to reach the corporate vision, embed long lasting cultural change, and accelerate achievement of corporate goals. The recommended length for this course is 2-3 days.

What is TetraMap?

TetraMap is a fast, intuitive and simple system for understanding how we behave differently in response to the same things. It uses the four elements of nature as an internationally recognized metaphor for describing our different preferences.

TetraMap is a refreshing and inspiring model, tool and framework used to accelerate and embed positive culture change. Using nature’s strongest shape, the tetrahedron, the model helps individuals and teams understand and embrace differences, resolve conflict, improve communication and build profitable, sustainable working relationships. By fast-tracking understanding of self and others, TetraMap fosters energy, vitality and unity, rapidly improving individual and team performance.  

TetraMap, is a globally proven communication framework and approach developed in New Zealand and exported internationally, to clients including Deutsche Bank, the Singapore Armed Forces, Nationwide Building Society, Myer Wellington City Council, Fisher & Paykel Healthcare and The Sustainable Business Network amongst others. It’s designed to transform team performance and can turn potential irritations between team members into insights – creating laughter where there might have otherwise been tears.

With 18 years of experience supporting organizations of all shapes and sizes and used in 20 countries across the world, TetraMap’s robust methodology  has a proven track record of delivering tangible business results.

How is this different from DISC and Myers Briggs?

Using the principles of neuroscience, other tools like DiSC, Myers Briggs etc, have similar roots when it comes to describing preferences and likely responses to situations. However, when it comes to applying the model to solve any organizational problem or personal communication, TetraMap is way ahead.  While DiSC and Myers Briggs are psychometric tools, TetraMap is about behavior. It is easier to apply when trying to understand other's behavior, and uses natural elements (earth, air, water, fire) as non judgemental language in discussion. TetraMap is a fast, intuitive and simple system for understanding how we behave differently in response to the same things. It uses the four elements of nature as an internationally recognized metaphor for describing our different preferences.

Earth: Firm like a mountain. Confident. Goals, control and winning are important. Quick, possible risky decisions come easily.

 Air: Clear like the wind. Orderly and focused. Logical solutions, listen and plan to ensure accuracy and quality.

Water: Calm like a lake. Caring and consistent. Help hold families and teams together. Loyal and deeply feeling. Steadfast and patient. Desire harmony.

Fire: Bright like the sun. Love to explore possibilities and inspire others. Often colourful, love variety and have a great sense of fun.

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