Bodywork for Healing
Relieving the physical and emotional effects of stress and pain

What is SHAPE?

SHAPE stands for Structure, Homeopathy, AcuPressure, and Emotions. SHAPE uses applied kinesiology to find the organ or area of the body that is stressed, determine why it is stressed and then correct the problem by restoring balance to the nervous system and thereby restoring one's health and wellbeing. SHAPE is a gentle, non-invasive technique aimed at reprogramming the body’s internal computer to attain and maintain optimal function. It is extremely effective because the body guides what is done and in what order to do it. The basics of SHAPE were created and compiled by Dr Victor Frank, a chiropractor, in the late 1970s.  Dr Frank focused on correcting the causes of illness in the body, rather than just treating the symptoms. These techniques complement all traditional healing methods, but are not a substitute for professional medical help, advice, or treatment for any specific medical condition. All SHAPE sessions are conducted with the client fully clothed.

How Does it Work?

The SHAPE practitioner uses muscle testing to determine where the body is weak or not communicating correctly with the nervous system, by testing specific body points.  (These body points were identified based on acupuncture, reflexology, and chiropractic techniques.)  When the system shows a weakness, the practitioner activates the vertebra that control that body point, and brings awareness to what was treated.  This reestablishes two-way communication between the brain and the organs, and between the organs themselves. The initial SHAPE sessions will include simple dietary changes to reset sugar metabolism. The dietary changes are easy and after a few days many patients report an increase of energy. Your SHAPE practitioner may use small vials for you to hold while performing a manual muscle test. This will allow them to identify any allergens, chemical stressors, or pathogens specific to your health.

Recommended Treatment Protocol

Without completing an entire body reset, there is only about a 55% chance that the body will respond appropriately to the specific SHAPE inputs. That is why “spot” inputs/adjustments without a reset may or may not be effective. During the first visit the body is “reset” or “hooked up” so all the organs and systems are communicating, and the client begins a simple sugar control diet. The follow-on treatments are scheduled for three days a week for the next two weeks, and then twice a week for an additional two weeks. The client continues on the sugar control diet during the first two weeks, or until the sugar metabolism adjustment holds. During each of the sessions the body is checked to make sure that the sugar, water, and structure adjustments are holding, and that no body points have “turned off.”   In addition to checking the adjustments made in the prior session, the practitioner will muscle test the body to identify if there are allergens, emotional blocks creating physical issues, or pathogens that the body want to have addressed at that time. The practitioner will address the issues identified by muscle testing in that session.